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Wellness through Dance
Born out of my personal experience of working in the corporate sector and as a student of dance, these programs are focused on promoting holistic well-being using the medium of dance.

Dancing is not only a performing art but has the potential to truly transform our lives - by training our bodies and minds in a way that we function to the best of our capacity, in any role ! And it is with this view that I started my project "WELLNESS THROUGH DANCE" in 2019.

A long-time practise of Transcendental Meditation and a keen interest in spiritual self-development has helped me integrate my experiences of meditation, right breathing and Yog asanas with the knowledge of classical dance. 


WELLNESS THROUGH DANCE is a program that can be applied to everyday lives to benefit all. Some practical benefits of dance wellness includes :

  • Improved mind-body co-ordination

  • Better blood circulation and stamina

  • Increased concentration

  • De-stressing, and feelings of enhanced well-being and happiness !

Please get in touch to book offline and online corporate wellness sessions by sending an email to

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